Agnès Joly

Head of Trade Services

Global Transaction Banking - Societe Generale

Graduated from HEC Business School in 1983 with a major in International Business

After one year with Credit Lyonnais in Frankfurt (Germany) she was hired by Societe Generale which she has been loyal to until now. The main drivers of her already long carrier could be seen as : focus on international exposure, eagerness for opening new routes and commitment for developing people.

Agnès Jolly joined SG Paris as a junior math expert in the Export Finance business line. Then she moved to the newly created Capital Market division as a FX derivative sale, where she developed a much needed global training program for clients and SG employees in a business area which was largely unknown at that time in France.
Right after the countries of Eastern Europe opened to Western business again, SG created a team in charge of helping Western European companies to find partners in Eastern countries. Agnès joined this team with a focus on Czech Republic and Hungary.
Then followed 4 exciting years as HR for SG Capital Market division

In 1998, she finally came back to the Export Finance division in charge of the Asian desks. In this position, she was able to develop a strong franchise in Korea which naturally led her to become Head of the Export Finance business unit in Seoul from 2005 to 2009.

Coming back to Paris, she was appointed Coverage banker in charge of a portfolio of key clients of the bank, mainly focused on the automobile sector (PSA, Renault-Nissan, Michelin…)

After 5 years in this position, she joined in March this year the Trade Finance business line as Deputy Head in charge of commercial activities worldwide.

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