Emmanuel de Bouard

Emmanuel de Bouard

Head of Cash Clearing Services

Emmanuel de Bouard is Global Head of the business line Cash Clearing Services since 2002 within Société Générale's Global Transaction Banking division. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Global Transaction & Payment Services.

Emmanuel began his career in the group Société Générale in 1974. After 21 years spent within various branches of of the French Retail Banking Network, in which he successively handled individual customers and SMEs in Societe Generale French Network finally multinationals as Deputy Head for an "Agence Grandes Entreprises". Emmanuel de Bouard joined the Banking Direction of Société Générale in 1995 as Corresponding Branch Manager (Back-offices and customer services for the non-resident Banks). He then took in charge the Cash Clearing for Banks and Financial institutions business line.

Born in 1953, Emmanuel has a B.A. in English, he is also graduated of the CESB