Eric de Gay de Nexon

Eric de Gay de Nexon

Head of Strategy, Market Infrastructures & Regulation

Societe Generale Securities Services

Eric de Gay de Nexon is Head of Strategy, Market Infrastructures and Regulation at Société Générale Securities Services (SGSS) since January 2018

Eric began his career in 1986 as Vice-President of Banque Demachy et Associés. In 1987, he was named Senior Consultant for Finance and Markets with Ernst and Young before joining the Société Générale group as Head of Back-Offices and Relit Project Manager at Delahaye Ripault, an investment services subsidiary of Société Générale.

In 1994, he moved to Parel, General Clearing Member, subsidiary of Société Générale, where he held several functions before finally becoming Managing Director. In 2003, he was appointed Head of International Clearing and Custody Network of SBAN / STI (predecessor of SGSS) before becoming Managing Director of the Global Asset Clearing project, launched in the context of the creation of SGSS

He has been Head of Strategy for Market Infrastructures from 2007 until end of 2017

Eric de Gay de Nexon is a member of many committees dedicated to financial markets both in France and abroad as the T2S AmiSeCo (ECB), and the ESES User Committee of Euroclear. He is vice chairman of AFTI, the French association for securities services providers, vice chairman of the AFME Post Trade Board and chairman of the Post Trade Committee of InterAlpha.

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