Etienne Deniau

Etienne Deniau

Business Strategy

Societe Generale Securities Services

Etienne Deniau started working in 1990 at Fimat, the Futures and Options brokerage arm of Societe Generale, for which he ran the Tokyo office from 1993 to 1997. He then moved to London to head Societe Generale’s local branch for Global Banking and Securities Services. In early 2000, he left the Societe Generale group to pursue different opportunities in retail banking. He returned to Societe Generale in October 2004 and has held the following positions: Deputy Head of Investor Services within SGSS, Head of Custody and Trustee Services, Head of Business Development, Asset Managers and Asset Owners, Head of Product Engineering and Head of Strategic Marketing. He was appointed Head of Strategic Marketing in May 2019.

Etienne Deniau is a graduate of the École Polytechnique and Mines Paris Tech.

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