Marie-Laure Gastellu

Marie-Laure Gastellu

Head of Trade Services

Transaction Banking - Societe Generale

Marie-Laure Gastellu is Head of Trade Services.  Engaged in the transformation of trade finance, she is an executive banker with 30 years of experience in banking, transformation, innovation and management of large French and international teams.

Marie-Laure joins Societe Generale in 1989 within the internal consulting department. In 1994, she takes responsibility for a portfolio of corporate clients in Paris and then in New York, and runs SG Americas’ Marketing division from 2001 to 2004.

Until 2006, Marie-Laure is Global COO of Societe Generale’s  division for corporate clients and investors, and then Chief of Staff to Chairman and CEO Daniel Bouton between 2006 and 2009.

Her return to the client segment takes her to southern Paris as Regional Head for the Yvelines region until 2013 and then as Managing Director of the Paris Rive-Gauche Corporate business center.

In November 2016, Marie-Laure becomes Deputy Head of Societe Generale’s Trade Services division before becoming Head of Trade Services in June 2020.

Marie-Laure is a graduate of the ESLSCA business school.


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