Yvan Mirochnikoff

Yvan Mirochnikoff

Head of Innovation & Digital transformation

Societe Generale Securities Services

After the development of a start-up and European research programs related to e-Learning, Yvan Mirochnikoff joined Societe Generale as a senior consultant, then coordinated the internet development and supervised SwiftNet and other projects for international retail banks. He holds many positions (senior auditor, COO, IT head of Architecture, Infrastructures & Security) for the retail banking and financial services worldwide. Yvan currently supervises digital transformation of Securities Services (reshaping customer experience and transforming operating models, through various innovative initiatives).

Yvan Mirochnikoff, 59, is Aeronautics engineer, holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University Paris I – Sorbonne (IAE), and a Masters in Multimedia and Telecommunications.

Since 2000, he is associated Professor in Paris-East University, where he manages the Master in Digital Economy, after having created E-Commerce filiere.

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