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Welcome to Expert Views, Societe Generale's dedicated insight into some of the compelling topics that are scheduled for broad discussion at Sibos, taking place in London, one of the world's great financial capitals, for the first time ever.

This year's overarching theme – thriving in a hyperconnected world – has sparked off lively internal debate amongst subject matter experts across the Global Transaction Banking and the Securities Services divisions of Societe Generale. Expert Views represents our attempt to synthesise their thinking and to communicate the key findings to our core audiences.

The individual and combined emphasis is very much on adapting to the future, and enabling clients to maximise the myriad opportunities that are certain to present themselves in this hyper-connected world where conversations feature numerous topics, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, instantaneity of action and payment, and the relentless rise of machines.

They even, if only occasionally, include human beings. Such carbon-based life forms will still have a key role to play throughout the financial universe, however much the futurologists roaming across the planet would have it thought otherwise. Data banks, after all, cannot always be left entirely on their own, however open and transparent they become.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?* Thus asked the Roman poet Juvenal in one of his satires (Satire VI, lines 347–348, Wikipedia assures us). The same might be asked today of the abundance of data and the producers of data. Custodians, perhaps, dare we suggest? We like to congratulate ourselves that our minds are as open as our architecture can be and that our core values – human relations, security and trust – underpin all of our thinking and each and every one of our actions.

We hope that the issues covered in these pages coincide with at least some of your own interests and thinking. In any event, we trust that our institutional and individual thinking will help enrich the potential and the enjoyment of this landmark Sibos congress, and play their part in driving future achievement and fulfilment in our industry, with new arrivals and incumbents each maximising their different strengths in their different specialities.

What others might see as threats to their industry and to their own prosperity, we see as challenges to be faced, addressed and successfully met in order to advance our joint legacy. Above all, we look forward to thriving with clients and suppliers alike in an increasingly hyper-connected world.

*Who watches the watchers?