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Wednesday, September

“Compliance and blockchain: Regulatory benefit or hurdle?”

9:45-10:30 (conference room 4)

Blockchain initiatives are everywhere and the technology is heralded as the solution to every business problem. But what are the real risk and opportunities from a compliance perspective? Does blockchain provide opportunities to simplify and speed regulatory compliance? Or will it increase the regulatory burden and introduce complexity for monitoring and risk assessments? Is blockchain based transparency beneficial and how should this balance the need for data privacy? If compliance embraces blockchain could we transform the KYC landscape, simplify due-diligence, improve information exchange or reduce the cost of regulatory checks? Or is it just BAU for compliance as the transport changes but the regulatory challenges remain the same?

“Ecosystems are blooming – What’s it mean for payments?”

12:15 to 13:00 (conference room 2)

E-commerce and trade platforms are appearing across different types of industries to support clients ranging from retail to SMEs to multinational corporates. Once an exchange is confirmed, the payment must be quick and secure. While virtual wallets, cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and bank-specific solutions may meet this need for some, many others are still waiting on a solution that is both efficient and standardised. Our panel will explore the payment methods taking root in today’s ecosystems and look at what is needed to put them on a firm ground.

Deputy Head of Trade Services Global Transaction Banking - Societe Generale